Sunday, May 02, 2010

New bike coming

Nice Hurdle, originally uploaded by OregonVelo.

Like a kid before Christmas

The insurance still hasn't some since my MTB was hit at the end of February- no apparent progress from anyone yet so I'm left in a situation where I have no 'proper' off road bike. The pub bike is just about off road capable but gears are limited and it's really heavy. Off-road lights are required too since my Vistalite batteries failed some time ago. To top it all I'm getting sick of using my road bike in the wet since the detachable mudguards are a bit of a pain in the ass and I want the expensive groupset to stay working for a long time.

All these things at a time when the bike to work benefit window is opening. Oh dear...So, a brief battle with conscience and I'm on the max voucher.

Bikery ensues. I don't want a mountain bike since there should be one (or a rebuild) coming sometime this summer when the insurance is sorted out. I want to be able to ride it on easy off-road, mostly when I'm with the kids- the farmer's track up to Heartwood forest and local hardpacked bridleways through Symmondshyde are really the sort of riding I'm thinking about. It needs decent full-length mudguards mounted on real eyelets and a rack. It has to be reasonably fast on the road. That makes it Hybrid vs Cyclocross...

Hybrids....hmm, there are a few around but most of the lighter ones like the Boardman look less than off-road capable.

'Crosser then!

A quick look around at my budget point (pretty much as low as possible given the fact I want to buy decent lights) reveals the Specialised Tricross triple as the bike for me. Nothing top-spec but it will take guards and racks- essential for the bike's winter commuting role.

Now..lights.. Hope springs eternal as a UK manufacturer with a good reputation and long-term spares support. The Hope vision 2 sits in my price band and will do just fine.

Halfords can source all of this for me, I just need to wait until the voucher arrives, should be within the next few weeks.


Went to see the bike at Rock and Road on Friday, looks excellent.


Sam said...

I'm still waiting for my paperwork to go through as well.

*drums fingers impatiently*

Mike1727 said...

Then-for me, long delivery time on unstocked items. Bah.

mary said...

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