Monday, March 08, 2010

Please Mr Motorist Watch Out For Me

I was hit by a van a couple of weeks ago. Riding home from work down Hatfield road, huge bang, sense of flying, ground impact. Shocked and bruised but otherwise ok- helmet cracked but the rucksack i was wearing protected me from road rash. Police and ambulance turned up, I went home in a police car. The police won't record the crash since I wasn't badly enough injured, despite the fact the driver overtook me in a no-overtaking area.

I'm ok now- though I was off work for 3 days with shock and bruising. Shock isn't a pleasant experience at all. The mountain bike is f*cked , the day after I spent time replacing the drivetrain to get it moving again...

The van's insurers have accepted liabilty and will pay, I'm going to claim for a personal injury too, but really I'd rather the whole thing hadn't happened.

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morphine said...

these things happen everywhere...although it is not quite nice what that driver did to you.he should have been somehow punished.
but for that backpack ,you could have been seriously injured