Thursday, March 22, 2007


Being a responsible kind of bloke I can't condone road rage, but having been a hairsbreadth away from casualty on a few occasions I can honestly say that sometimes my thoughts do turn to responses beyond a good shout and the single finger salute. Cycledog wants guns, I want a portable EMP device to disable car the thread of comments on this post on an excellent bike blog.

CycleDog: "Everyone who uses the public way has both rights and responsibilities. That includes motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and even horse back riders or horse-drawn vehicles. I'm getting fed up with motorists who think that their larger, heavier, more powerful vehicle gives them a greater right to use that public space, and I'm getting especially fed up with the pencil-necked geeks who use their vehicles as weapons. It's an annoying problem, and that problem has a solution.

Cyclists should carry guns."


Yokota Fritz said...

CycleDog is in Oklahoma, USA. I can't imagine this primitive colonial advice would go over as well in the UK.

Mike1727 said...

We're so much more refined here, don't ya know..Purdeys not Uzis!

Mind you, if you ride in some inner-city areas the media would have you believe you're bound to get stabbed.

Ed W said...

I'd like a pair of matched Purdeys, please.

That post was only partly tongue-in-cheek. But as someone knowledgeable about the concealed carry law pointed out, you can only use deadly force (or even point a gun, for that matter) if you're being directly threatened. So you can't shoot at some hoon for merely buzzing by your handlebars. (I've been looking for an excuse to use that word - hoon) Carrying a handgun on a bike just isn't very practical.

I took the concealed weapons course some years ago, though I never applied for a license here in Oklahoma. I did have a license in Pennsylvania, however. It definitely changes your outlook about getting into confrontations. I avoided them as much as possible.