Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bike quiz

The BBC's magazine site has a bike quiz. It's fairly noddy, but there are a couple of tricky questions, so I didn't get full marks.


Yokota Fritz said...

I missed the "hand" photo - I thought it might be Boris Johnson. I also didn't know about his "right to phone" comment. I selected one meter for distance to the curb. I had no idea on the children's fear of passing side roads. So I got 6/10. I got all of the UK "Highway Code" stuff right - no riding on the pavement (*ahem* "sidewalk"), etc.

Mike1727 said...

I like Boris, he's a great English eccentric. I can't say I agree with most of his politics, but despite his rightwards leanings he is a soldier of the velorution. He's often a guest on an excellent news/satire TV show Have I got news for you, which is well worth a watch if you can find a suitable download.
I missed the side road thing too- noted for training my own children in a year or two's time.

Highway code...well, common sense is common sense where ever you are.