Wednesday, February 07, 2007 - report potholes

Those wonderful people at the CTC have produced a site which allows people to report potholes online using a single site rather than the one which Herts Highways use.

This is an excellent development and would be so much better if the highways agencies shared their data. Herts Highways progress on fixing potholes does seem to be improving, but they're very still bad at making their progress visible. If the various Highways agencies nationwide could/would make their systems open then sites usful mashup sites like this could work to their full potential by showing full detail of all reported faults.

I'm sure that many faults are reported (and probably investigated) multiple times since the public aren't aware of what has already been reported. Making the data public would alose give an independent means of monitoring the progress of agencies funded by tax-payer's money, so I guess it'll never happen.

So- if you see a pothole, report it. Let's get the map full and then hit the local press with a screenshots to shame highways authorities into pulling their collective figers out.

There is a companion site which does the same thing for off-road rights of way.

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