Monday, November 12, 2007

Word of the day

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There are transitions in every parent's life when a child does something for the first time. There were had two today: our son read his first few sentences, and then came out with a word which had me going back to first principles to work out its meaning.

Today's word is digraph: two letters which when written together make a single sound. He must have heard it from his teacher but his use of the word, in correct context and with explanation, just floored me.


Unknown said...

Well done to both teacher and boy! I had to look it up and im still a little confused.... :)

Yokota Fritz said...

It's always amazing to see the little ones grow like that. I'm continually floored by my younguns also. Of course both of my kids are above average in every measure ;-)

To me, digraph is a "directed graph," but that's because I'm a mathematician / computer scientist. Or I used to be.

I was familiar with the other use of the term because my wife studied to be a speech pathologist and she had to learn all those big words for writing reports and grant requests.